Monday, November 30, 2015

Stash Sale Update!

Hello dearest stitchers!

I have updated the stash for sale.  There is still a lot left - so treat yourself to a little Christmas cheer and buy yourself a present - you deserve it!!!

I had planned to put a lot of my stash up on eBay - but you guys have been so awesome that I have not needed the "Bay of Evil"!  YAY!  

So, I dug a little deeper and found some more stuff that I would like to sell.  Now do not worry, I am keeping a few things - I am not getting out of stitching - but I am trying to be realistic with my time.  At this point in my life I am limited in what I can stitch - so instead of all these beauties sitting on the shelf collecting dust I have decided to sell them so they can find new, loving homes!

All items are from a smoke-free home but I do have cats.  The items have been kept clean and away from the pets as much as possible.  Just wanted to be honest and upfront for those that have allergies. All items are new and unused (unless otherwise specified.)

Email me if you wish to purchase (  First come, first served.   I take PayPal and will calculate true (and least expensive) shipping based on what you purchased.  Books are sold in sets unless otherwise specified. 

Sampler Kits

The Rebecah French Sampler - 1802
The Essamplaire Complete Class Kit - Click HERE for more information
I started this sampler - she is a dream to stitch!  These pictures were taken today - the linen is still in the scroll rods.  I am very careful when using thread, so there should be plenty to finish her.  I am also pretty neat with my stitching and I included a picture of the back in case you wanted to see.
Retail $195  Asking $150

 Sarah Araline Huse Sampler Kit - 1813
The Examplarery Complete Kit
Asking $15  {{{pending}}}


The Ferry Farm Sampler - Homespun Elegance
Unmarked/great condition sampler chart. This chart was created to honor George Washington's childhood home. Ferry Farm is in Virginia. The cherry on the sampler resembles the cherries found on creamware ceramic sherds excavated at the site. This cherry creamware was used by George Washington's mother. The sampler is in the style of 18th century samplers and includes the initials of George's family members. I have stitched this and it is a lovely piece! The chart includes all of the historical information (and there is a lot!)
Asking $7

 Preamble Sampler - Feeling Stitchy
Beautiful Patriotic Sampler chart!  The Preamble is stitched into the American Flag!
Asking $7

The Millennium Sampler: A Stitch in Time  by Julie Gill

This beautiful sampler chart was created to honor the Millennium in Great Britain. Each band in the sampler commemorates an important achievement or person in British history as well as embroidery through time. The sampler is surrounded by important dates and the chart includes 20 additional facts and an alphabet so you can create your own! Panel 1 - Bayeaux Tapestry (backstitch), Panel 2 - Richard the Lionhearted (cross stitch), Panel 3 Goldwork, Panel 4 Jacobean Crewelwork, Panel 5 Blackwork, Panel 6 Elizabethan cross stitch and backstitch, Panel 7 Florentine, Panel 8 Berlin Wool Work, Panel 9 Hardanger. 
Asking $10

Books and Magazines
Ok, so I have posted A LOT of Sampler and Antique Needlework Magazines.  They are all in great condition.  And yes, I am aware that you can get them on digital CD.  HOWEVER, call me old fashioned - but I still like to FEEL a magazine/book in my hands.  Sometimes it is just nice being able to hold a beautiful magazine and drool over the samplers!  
So, give yourself a little Christmas present!  Buy a few (or a lot!) of SANQ and treat yourself to a little drool-worthy enjoyment!

SANQ  Volumes 18-21  Published 2000
Asking $15

SANQ  Volumes  26-29  Published 2002
Asking $15

SANQ  Volumes 30-33  Published 2003
Asking $15

SANQ  Volumes 42-45  Published 2006
Asking $12

SANQ  Volumes 46-49  Published 2007
Asking $12.00

SANQ  Volumes 50 - 53  Published 2008
Asking $12

SANQ  Volumes  54-57  Published 2009
Asking $12

SANQ  Volumes 58, 59, 61  Published 2010
Asking $9

SANQ  Volumes 62, 64, 65  Published 2011
Asking $9  {{{pending}}}

SANQ  Volumes 66 and 68  Published 2012
Asking $6

SANQ  Volumes 70 and 71  Published 2013
Asking $6

Thank you so much for looking!  Please contact me at if you have any questions!

Happy Stitching!!

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